Foods that are Dangerous to Dogs

Specialists always state not to feed your pet human food due to the fact that it teaches them to beg and will turn them off their kibble however there is more to it then your canine developing bad manners. Some foods we like and eat frequently will trigger your dog to have digestive upsets, depress the nervous system, damage organs, and coma. Some will even kill him!

Alcohol– very same in people, it can cause intoxication and if sufficient is ingested, even coma and death
Chocolate, coffee, tea and foods which contain caffeine consists of theobromine or theophylline which is toxic to pets, causing heart and nervous system damage and death
Citrus Oil extracts vomiting’
Fat and fat trimmings excessive fat in the diet plan will cause pancreatitis
Garlic all forms, prepared, raw or powder, contain sulfoxides and disulfides that damage red cell and trigger anemia
Grapes and Raisins at this time it is not known what it remains in grapes and raisins that causes intense kidney failure and death
Hops unidentified toxin causing panting, tachycardia (increased heart rate), raises body temperature level, seizures and death
Human multi-vitamins prevent unless veterinarian specifies brand/dose.
Iron supplements or products enriched with iron damages lining of the digestive system and is hazardous to liver and kidneys
Liver in large quantities, it triggers vitamin A toxicity, affecting muscles and bones
Macadamia Nuts adversely impacts digestion and nervous systems
Milk and Dairy Products most dogs and cats are lactose intolerant meaning they do not have enough lactase (the enzyme that breaks down lactose) in their system
Mushrooms various contaminants that effect multiple systems or organs that can lead to death
Onions– all forms, cooked, raw or powder, consist of sulfoxides and disulfides that harm red blood cells and cause anemia
Seeds and pits from fruit can cause diarrhea or block the digestion tract
Raw Eggs can contain salmonella. Block biotin absorption leading to skin and coat concerns
Raw Fish can result in thiamine deficiency resulting in anorexia nervosa, seizures, and death in severe cases.
Salt not good for human beings either as it leads to electrolyte imbalances
Sugar watch pet dog biscuits and deals with as frequently sugar is included to increase palatability. Sugar leads to weight gain, rotten teeth and diabetes same as in humans!
Yeast and dough containing yeast broadens in the stomach and intestines causing indigestion and gas in mild cases however if it expands enough, it could cut off blood supply to the stomach and even burst the stomach or intestinal tract
Things that dogs consume that are not what we would typically consider food:
Antifreeze Ethylene glycol is sweet tasting and animals have actually been understood to chew through the bottle to get to the delicious liquid. It triggers crystals to form in the kidneys that lead to kidney failure and death. Even a small amount can be deadly mop up any spills thoroughly and keep antifreeze containers far from areas that your family pet has access
Bones chicken, fish and sharp bones can puncture the digestive system if swallowed and large amounts of beef bones can trigger an upset stomach along with impaction of the colon
Watch baby food or other foods that may include onion, garlic and is vitamin enriched
Feline Food fat and protein levels are high
Cannabis, drugs and medications depends upon the drug or medication however contact your veterinarian right away if your dog or feline ingests anything, including acetaminophen
String cats are more vulnerable to consuming string, wool or fishing line but pets have been understood to consume these items. Causes any number of problems with surgical treatment typically being the only type of treatment
Tobacco nicotine triggers digestive and nervous system upset, a racing heart beat, collapse, coma and even death
Trash or rotten food includes contaminants and mold that cause throwing up and diarrhea along with any number of other problems

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