How Long Do I Grill a Rib Eye Steak

Yummy, Tender and Succulent Defines a Prime Rib Eye Steak Experience

Rib eye steak, which is also called prime rib, is a wonderfully marbled piece of meat that’s cut from the beef’s rib section. The distinction between rib eye and prime rib is in how they are prepared as rib eye is grilled and prime rib is oven roasted. For the ultimate delicious experience, it’s important to answer the question, “How long should I barbecue a rib eye steak?”

When barbecuing a steak, you want the grill to be as hot as is safely possible. Gas grills are easier to calibrate than charcoal fired systems, but the fundamental guideline is when you place the steak on the grate, you ought to hear it sizzle.

In choosing the meat, select steaks that are one inch thick and that show white marbling patterns. White marbling is caused by streaks of fat, which guarantee that the steaks you pick will hurt. Rib eyes have an excellent natural taste and are great unseasoned. If you do want to add some taste, a lot of cooks recommend salt and pepper. Other choices include carefully sliced fresh garlic or garlic powder or you can rub on a mix of dry oregano and basil.

Whether a steak is cooked unusual, medium rare or to any of the other 3 degrees of being done is figured out by the internal temperature level of the meat. Here are the five degrees of doneness as identified by the internal temperature of the steak.

Five Cooking Temperatures for Steak:
Rare: Between 120-125 degrees. This steak is barely cooked.
Medium Rare: Between 130-135 degrees. The center of this steak is totally warm and red. This is the most affordable level of done that’s appropriate to the majority of restaurants.
Medium: Between 140-145 degrees. This is possibly the most popular state of doneness for those who love the rib eye cut.
Medium Well: Between 150-155 degrees. This steak has an outside that is grey-brown and an inside that is light pink.
Well Done: Anything above 160 degrees. It has a grey-brown appearance throughout and is charred on the exterior.
The best method to identify the internal temperature level of your rib eye steak is by monitoring it with a digital meat thermometer. However, many people simply choose if their steak is ready by eyeballing it.
Did you ask, ‘How long do I barbecue my rib eye steak?’ Two to three minutes on each side will get it to uncommon and another two minutes on each side will result in the steak getting to the medium uncommon state. About seven minutes will take it to the medium level and 9 to 10 will serve up a medium well done piece of beef. How long do I barbecue a rib eye steak if I want it well done? The response is 10 to 12 minutes on each side.

Keep in mind, rib eye steak is yummy. If you desire it to ‘moo,’ then select unusual, but if you want to consume it in its most popular state, select medium. If you’re concerned about germs borne illness, then well done will ensure that the rib eye is essentially bacterium complimentary.

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