Thanksgiving wines

Absolutely nothing can quite bring happiness to a Thanksgiving supper like a few bottles of extraordinary authentic French red wines can. That being said, not every bottle is indicated to accompany each of your Thanksgiving meals. To ensure that your really next, and your future Thanksgiving dinners will be an outright success, you will need to find out which red wine pairings will work to your advantage and bring out the most exquisite flavors out of your meals at the table. Listed below, you will discover some information and a couple of ideas on fascinating red wine pairings you will hopefully have the opportunity to check out.

Which kind of red wine should you have at your Thanksgiving dinner?

Both red white wines and white wines can work wonders together with a Thanksgiving meal. When it comes to red white wines, some essential French white wines for Thanksgiving are Pinot Noir and Beaujolais Nouveau.

White red wines tend to be lighter and more rejuvenating than red wines, allowing for plenty of room for all of the numerous delicious dishes that will progressively make their method to the dining table throughout the Thanksgiving night. If you decide to choose for a white wine, we happily recommend going for one of the Sauternes white wines from the French region of Bordeaux.

The best Sauternes white wines for Thanksgiving

Thankfully, all Sauternes white red wines are great choices as your main Thanksgiving meal wine. Amongst the best Sauternes wines are Chateau de Fargues, Chateau Rieussec, Chateau Suduiraut, and of course, the legendary Chateau d’Yquem which has received an exceptional 97-99 score from the Wine Advocate.

Where should you go to order a Sauternes white wine?

Amongst numerous other authentic and phenomenal wines from all over the Bordeaux region in France, Sauternes gewurztraminers are noted on Millesima’s United States website. Millesima is a family-owned service situated in Bordeaux which specializes in the sale of the very best red wines, increased red wines, white wines and sparkling wines from the world-renowned capital of the red wine market. While you might easily order the red wines of your choosing from their official website with simply a few clicks, you also have the option of visiting Millesima’s physical shop in New York City.

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